Friday, April 15, 2005

Maryland's Sex-Ed Pickle

The new Montgomery County, Md., public-school sex-ed curriculum—a homosexuality-positive affair that features a video of a blonde teen chirping about anal sex as she strokes a condom down a cucumber—is disturbing parents, for some reason.

A cucumber-friendly article by the editor of one of the county's high-school papers offers a curious quote from Christine Grewell, an advocate for the new curriculum:

"I think it's good not to marginalize [gay] students," [Grewell] says, adding that the opposition's fear of "normalizing" homosexuality is unfounded. "We study World War II, but we don't normalize the Nazis."
Comparing homosexuals to Nazis—who took a decidedly dim view of homosexuality—is not the language of a liberal with a whole lot on the ball.

Then again, anyone who'd support the cucumber video would have to be out of their gourd.

Thanks to Steve Harvey for the link to the video.