Tuesday, June 7, 2005

'There's No Other Option Than to Be Strong'

Reader Theresa sends this link to an interview with a friend of hers who just lost a son in Iraq. (The quote above comes from that interview.) Theresa writes:

Paula is the head of our Semper Fi Parents group here in the Hudson Valley. I got a phone call last night that her son was killed in Iraq yesterday....

I spent last night on my balcony brokenhearted, praying for them. Just earlier I had heard all the usual stuff on the news about the abuse of the Koran etc. I could not help thinking how I wished people prayed more and complained less. We have spent countless time on the Koran (not that I think it should be abused but...) while so many Marines have died the last few weeks. The media always wants to make us look like the bad guys while our kids are dying because of people who care nothing for life.

Someone from my apartment building stopped me the other day because she heard [my son] Mike was a Marine. She told me she felt sorry for him and the other soldiers...I told her they did not want her sympathy, only her prayers....no matter how anyone feels, these guys are over there.