Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pray for Gulf Coast Hurricane Victims

While news coverage is focusing on relief that New Orleans was spared a direct hit, Gulf Coast residents are suffering terribly, and there's concern that there could be more victims:

In the parishes of Plaquemines and Terrebonne, officials said they were particularly concerned about commercial fisherman who had decided to remain on their boats.

"My biggest concern is the loss of life," said State Sen. Walter Boasso. "We have a lot of people down there hiding in their attics, and I don't know if we will get to them fast enough."

In Mississippi, Barbour said many people suffered from what he called "hurricane fatigue," deciding not to evacuate this time after having done so in the past only to be spared.

"We pray that those people are OK," he said. "But we don't know."
At reader jjoyce's suggestion, I ask you to please pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. If you'd like to donate towards relief, one charity that's doing good work is the Salvation Army.