Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rave On

Yesterday I received another guest-blog submission from the Raving Atheist.

The entry's well-written and makes a worthy point about the delusionary mindset of those who argue for abortion rights. I plan to use it. But before I do, I have a topic that I'd like to submit for discussion.

I've read other writings by the Raving Atheist and I see that his blog is a strong rallying point for those seeking affirmation that there is no God. Although I believe his pro-life views are sincere, it's quite possible that in posting to my blog, he wishes to draw readers away from faith. Moreover, even if that's not his motive, it's a risk that's present anytime I draw attention to him and his blog.

Beyond that, there is, I believe, a larger issue: In a world where life is being attacked on so many fronts—from abortion, to embryonic stem-cell research, to in vitro fertilization that destroys embryos—should pro-lifers have to pass a theological litmus test? Should we avoid atheists the way we avoid the violent fringe of the anti-abortion movement? Or should we accept them, as I do the Raving Atheist, confident that we can filter out their anti-faith message—just as they are confident that they can ignore the faith we demonstrate to them?

Personally, I believe, in a wider sense, the abortion-rights movement is far more anti-God—and more dangerous to more souls—than the Raving Atheist's 95 theses or whatever. Likewise, I believe that the Raving Atheist's defenses of life are by their nature more powerful than his attacks on faith—whether he intends them to be or not.