Friday, September 16, 2005

Bell Won't Save Planned Parenthood

On the anniversary of Becky Bell's death, Planned Parenthood digs up her bones in its usual attempt to paint her as a victim of parental-notification laws. It quotes her parents from a 1991 "60 Minutes" interview where they blamed politics for their daughter's death from a supposed illegal abortion.

Know why the article uses quotes from 1991? Because after that, Becky's parents stopped talking to the press*:

Shortly after [the National Right to Life Committee] started distributing copies of the autopsy report and calling for a review of the coroner’s report concluding the death was a result of a “septic abortion” (which the post-mortem contradicted), Mr. and Mrs. Bell dropped out of sight...
Attaboy and Jill Stanek have more on abortion advocates' exploitation of the teen, who died of pneumonia and who, according to an autopsy, had not been touched by abortion instruments.

For more information on Bell, read "A Tale of Two Abortions." Also, visit the Blackmun Wall, which compiles stories of women who died from so-called "safe and legal" abortions.

*UPDATE, 9/17/05: The Bells did resurface to speak at a Planned Parenthood rally and possibly other events as well, and are still blaming parental-consent laws for their daughter's death. (Thanks to Raving Atheist for the tip.)

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