Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Abortion Blog Finds Abortion Display 'Disturbing'
A Guest Post By The Raving Atheist

New York, New York, December 22, 2005
Special to The Dawn Patrol

Abortion blog BushvChoice has labeled a news item about a fetus tree in a women's-only gym as "the most disturbing story ever." The tree contained blue and pink stockings stuffed with plastic dolls, and coupons for a local crisis pregnancy center's pamphlets, children's clothes and informational abortion videos.

"Yeah, that's right--a frigging fetus tree," wrote blog author Jessica Valenti. Noting that several women cancelled their gym memberships in opposition, Valenti asked rhetorically, "Ya think?"

Valenti did not explain precisely what she found "disturbing" about the tree story. However, sources have speculated that she may consider there to be something mildly distasteful about exposing women to the public discussion of abortion, the procedure upon which every post at her blog fanatically centers. Others suggested that Valenti may be upset that the tree was not hung with Choice on Earth cards celebrating Planned Parenthood's gift last year of a quarter-million abortions, a number which Valenti has termed "the least disturbing statistic ever."