Thursday, December 15, 2005

Because Someone Has to Stand Up for the Rapists

If you'd like to see how a Planned Parenthood advocate responds to my and Steve Huff's uncovering that the organization covered up an 11-year-old's rape—a story that's now prompting a campaign to get California's Attorney General to investigateyou'll find it on Pandagon. I seem to recall that Marcotte works or volunteers for Planned Parenthood, but there's no mention of such a connection in the piece. There are quite a few ad hominem attacks, but I wouldn't expect anything else from her. She knows that the only way to elevate her defense of enabling predators is to personally bring down her opponents.

This is as cogent as Marcotte gets:

Steve and Dawn are pretending that PP was choosing between letting a rapist walk and obtaining justice, but it seems to me that the health professionals in this case probably saw it as a choice between honoring the patient's confidentiality and keeping her trust or alienating her so that she would leave and never come back for help again.
Because we all know that a raped 11-year-old's right to get "treatment" at Planned Parenthood without her parents' knowledge trumps the right of other little girls not to be raped.

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