Monday, January 2, 2006

Help for Post-Abortive Women and Men
A Guest Post by C.J.

[Note: After I recommended Silent No More for those whose lives have been affected by abortion, reader C.J. sent in the following information, noting that Silent No More is focused on activism while the organization he cites, Rachel's Vineyard, is focused on healing. — Dawn]

If you are not already familiar with Rachel's Vineyard, please get to know this valuable ministry.

Rachel's Vineyard offers a unique weekend retreat for those who have experienced abortion and seek healing. Many of these people consider what they have done unforgivable. The bottom line is that there is no sin God can't forgive, and no sinner God won't forgive.

Even if you buy the pro-abortion brush-off that only 10 percent of the women who have an abortion so much as give it an emotional second thought, 10 percent of almost 50 million abortions adds up to a whole lot of hurting people. Rachel's Vineyard is growing, but the need for healing is not being met.

Notice also that I've mentioned "people" affected by abortion. This certainly includes men, many of whom had no desire to see their children aborted, but could do nothing to stop it because abortion is "a woman's choice."

Rachel's Vineyard is a ministry, not an activist organization. Emily of the After Abortion blog works with one of the retreat teams and can relate more information. Yes, defund Planned Parenthood; keep them from creating more victims in need of the services of Rachel's Vineyard, and help take care of those whose lives have been knocked off their foundations by abortion.

Read some of the stories of people who have been helped by Rachel's Vineyard.