Wednesday, March 15, 2006

'Meet the Interloper'

[UPDATE, 3/17/06: Melissa responds to comments made on this and and other blogs.]

Remember Siobhan O'Connor, the unbiased Marie Claire reporter who wanted to interview young women "who have been deceived by" crisis pregnancy centers?

Turns out she found a willing participant in "iamnotanoctopus," whose real name appears to be Melissa*. (UPDATE: I've removed the direct links to Melissa's entries, as she's removed them and replaced them with photos of a vagina and a statue with a penis dentata. By now, there may be such a photo on her "iamnotanoctopus" profile page as well.) The interview subject claims on her blog to be a 21-year-old from Iowa. A photo on the blog that Melissa says is of herself shows a fresh-faced, smiling young woman.

Melissa's CPC "deception" didn't keep her from having at least two abortions, according to her blog — the most recent one last month.

The people at Planned Parenthood now look out for her and make sure she takes the morning-after pill on the taxpayers' dime, whether she wants to or not. She wrote yesterday:

I had my BC appointment and my interview today. Both went fine--at Planned Parenthood, they made me take EC because I had sex last night, even though it was protected. Which I would have been annoyed about, but since the state is paying for it and I just donate whatever to PP, I didn't bitch. I was a little surprised that my doctor told me even with a condom, there's still a 15-20% chance that I'd get pregnant. Um, no? There's a sign right on that wall that says there's a 3% chance I'll get pregnant, lady--what you mean is that you have no idea whether or not I know how to use a condom properly. Which, I suppose, is fair.
When the Marie Claire piece comes out, it will no doubt portray Melissa as a young woman who simply wanted to make a choice — a choice which pro-lifers attempted to thwart. The CPC presumably tried to convince her to change her choice by demonstrating that the thing inside her was a baby and not a blob of tissue.

Reading her account of her latest abortion, I can see why that approach wouldn't have worked.

It's graphic and includes photos of the aborted fetus. She calls it "Fun With Science," and also links to it under the headings "Meet the Interloper" and "Fetus-Smiting Day." The photos look authentic; for comparison, scroll down this page to see what a seven-week fetus looks like in the womb.

Melissa writes in the entry:
I'm breaking up this post into two cuts--one for what happened at my appointment and afterward yesterday, and one for a very special round of "Meet The Interloper." Yes indeed, there was an intact embryo to be seen. Yes, I took pictures. No, it is not so I can moon over them and make colorbars with flowery script reading "My Precious Dead Angel Baby, Gabriel Damien Pretty-Boy Eckard." I'm probably just morbid--when I saw it, I was squealing like a school girl, going, "Holy crap, that's so cool!" I will leave plenty of space so you can read without having to look, if you don't want to see it. Also, if you're squeamish, the story is a wee bit graphic.
She describes her RU-486/misoprostol pill regimen and the painful cramps that followed. Then she went on the toilet:
When I turned around, there wasn't a lot of blood in the toilet--just one roughly lemon-sized clot, and next to it, something that was most definitely not clot-colored. I leaned over and squinted at it, and holy sh-t, there was a freaking embryo in my toilet! They had told me that I probably wouldn't be able to see anything--that anything recognizable probably wouldn't show up unless I was more than eight weeks along, and I was only seven. But this thing, even seeing it in the toilet, was undeniably the embryo. I would say it was just a little bit longer than the diameter of a quarter.

So I found a brush, scooted the embryo up and out of the water, and put it on a square of toilet paper so I could look at it (and threw the brush away). I didn't know what to think about it at first, but the more and closer I looked at it, the more I thought it had to be the single neatest thing I had ever seen. I didn't want to touch it because it looked so gelatinous, like I might accidentally pop it. But I was looking at it and seeing the teeny face (it was at the point where it has the huge flat nose and looks kind of like a puppy) and the little webbed flipper feet and the huge black eyes, going "HOLY CRAP THIS THING IS FREAKING AWESOME." I called Austin up to see it, and he wasn't quite as giddy about it but he still wanted to see it. Apparently he didn't realize it would have fingers and toes and all of that so soon.
No, somehow I don't think an ultrasound would have made any difference to this young woman.
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Note to commenters: Melissa will no doubt read your comments. Please be as courteous as you can towards her personally even if your feelings about her actions run strong. Thank you.

*UPDATE: Melissa responds in the comments section.

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