Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pro-Life Doctor Re-Enacts Partial-Birth Abortion

Via American Papist and Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, here's a video that Planned Parenthood won't be showing on MTV. It's a clip from "God's Miracle of Life: Pro-Life DVD":

Gynecologist Dr. William R. Lile gives an astounding presentation of the Miracle of Life. Using ultrasound technology and in-vitro cameras, Dr. Lile shows how the unborn child develops while in its mother's womb.

After showing, with incredible clarity, the personhood of the human child, Dr. Lile uses the actual instruments of abortion to demonstrate how the procedure is performed at each trimester - including late term partial-birth abortions - without bloody pictures. His simple yet powerful technique is unlike anything you have seen before! (A preview of Dr. Lile's partial birth abortion demonstration can be found below.)

The DVD is a recording of a presentation to high school students. . . . More information on the video can be found at To reach Dr. Lile, go to
Here is Dr. Lile's presentation on partial birth abortion (non-graphic, but requires maturity to view):