Thursday, May 4, 2006

Truthiness and Consequences

By The Raving Atheist

Planned Parenthood, as I noted yesterday, is using the story of a 17-year old girl harassed by a crisis pregnancy center as the centerpiece of its national anti-CPC lobbying efforts. Jivin J has identified the CPC and PP facilities involved in the alleged incident. He links to pictures of the CPC, on the inside and out, and questions whether it could have reasonably been mistaken for an abortion clinic.

John of Generations for Life did some digging of his own. He contacted the Indianapolis Police Department and the Marion County Clerk’s office, and discovered no record of criminal or civil proceedings involving the CPC. Unless that little strip-mall storefront has corrupted the entire municipality, PP has some serious explaining (and e-mail correcting) to do.

Christina of Real Choice is urging all concerned cyberspace residents to contact the urban legend investigators at to encourage a full inquiry. Orthodoxy has acted on her suggestion, and raised his concerns at Feministe as well. Perhaps they'll be convinced to join us in this relentless quest for truth. After all, as Christina says, "[i]f the story is true, PP supporters will be vindicated, and prolifers will crack down on the CPC in question . . . [i]f it's false, maybe prochoicers ought to crack down on PP for lying."