Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Banke of America has a treasure trove of music and memorabilia on the great Sixties baroque-pop group of "Walk Away Renee" fame — even a "Dawn Eden" section of interviews with band members.

The site's a surprise to me; I don't recall granting permission for my interviews to be used, and I can't vouch for the accuracy of the transcriptions of the interviews, published in The Bob in 1986 (right about when I turned 18). One of the "Dawn Eden" interviews, with Tom Feher, isn't even mine; I have no idea where it came from. (It also looks like the site's webmaster doesn't have a later, more comprehensive article I did for Goldmine, for which I interviewed drummer George Cameron and road manager Bob Brand. The only recording member of the group whom I didn't interview was lead singer Steve Martin.)

Overall, I'm glad that research I did 20 years ago is still valuable to people who love the Left Banke. My love of the group's music hasn't diminished since then; if anything, hearing them has spoiled me for life. Parents, if your 16-year-old has an ear for melody, play him or her "Walk Away Renee," "Pretty Ballerina," or "Desiree" and see if the teen still listens to today's pop music the same way.

Check out's video section for not one but two videos of the group performing "Renee," including one of them lip-synching the tune on "Where the Action Is." Watch how the camera pans away from the group during the flute solo; the show's director had to do something, since no one in the group played flute.