Sunday, July 30, 2006

Amanda Marcotte Spins the Hits

Amanda Marcotte wrote yesterday on of what she called the "illusionary" world of Brill Building-era pop music (that of the early to mid-1960s), which she claims masked rampant homosexuality. In general, she writes, sexual expression at that time was more worldly than one might imagine from listening to the era's hits: "I suppose a very literal reading of this music might lead one to conclude that things were better in a more 'innocent' time ... The thing is, the world’s never been 'innocent'. What’s changed isn’t so much how people are but how honest society is about it."

Miss Marcotte is too young to remember the era of which she writes, as am I. If you are old enough to recall how people conducted themselves sexually before the advent of psychedelic drugs, "Hair," and Woodstock, I would be interested in your opinion on her assumptions. (For context, you may wish to read Ms. Marcotte's  full post, which includes her standard four-letter words and ad hominems against me.) For the sake of authenticity, please comment under your real name. First name only or initials are OK, and you may leave the e-mail and Web site boxes blank if you wish. Thank you.