Thursday, July 27, 2006

And the Word Became Flesh

"The immutable laws of the universe may require that for Truth to be received by humans it must delivered in a Form Incarnate."

I realize the Raving Atheist, in keeping with a promise he made to his readers, is writing hypothetically. But it's still a powerful ending to a powerful post.

UPDATE: The Raving Atheist's hypothesis has already earned him the ire of Pandagon's Amanda Marcotte, who — with the help of some four-letter words — manages to make two baseless ad hominems in a single post: first, asserting that RA's merely "casting around for a way to define an individual human being with rights after being scolded that, biologically speaking, a zygote is no different than any other batch of cells," and second, asserting that he is motivated by a desire to "wear down the resistance of an avowed celibate," meaning me.

With regard to Amanda's second point, because I am trying to follow the Raving Atheist's own self-imposed rule to avoid meanness, I can't respond to Amanda in kind. All I can say is, (1) I am convinced that she is completely wrong with regard to RA's motivation, and (2) the fact that she would stoop to make such an ad hominem attack shows that she is incapable of providing a sound, rational response to his philosophizing.

I will not assume malice on Amanda's part because I do not know her or anyone else's heart. At any rate, people do not need to have malice in order to make an ad hominem attack. They only need desperation.