Thursday, July 27, 2006

Suozzi Defunds Abstinence-Ed Program — for Telling the Truth about Planned Parenthood's Promotion of Bestiality

Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi, currently struggling to win the Democratic nomination for New York's governorship, yesterday rescinded a $90,000 grant he had promised to an abstinence-education program — after the head of the program, which also runs pregnancy resource centers, complained publicly about Planned Parenthood's promotion of bestiality.

Newsday reports:

Lorraine Gariboldi, executive director of the Life Center of Long Island in Massapequa, made the comments about Planned Parenthood to Newsday at the county offices in Garden City in February, immediately following a news conference where Suozzi announced grants for eight groups in an effort to cut down on abortions.

Gariboldi's organization, which won a $90,000 grant for abstinence-based education, also runs "crisis pregnancy" centers where women are counseled against abortions. Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, which won $95,000 for sex education, counsels women on abortions and performs them.

"Working with Planned Parenthood did not change my opinion of the work that I do," Gariboldi said on Feb. 7. "Meeting their peer educators and hearing what they had to say confirmed to me that I'm in the right business."

"They're teaching young people to teach other young people how to be sexually active using deviant methods, in my opinion, of sexual behavior to avoid pregnancy," Gariboldi continued. "You can call it outercourse instead of intercourse, and bestiality in some cases, masturbation -- those kinds of behaviors they're promoting as good and healthy."...

After her remarks were printed in part on July 17, the steering committee for Suozzi's program, which he calls "Common Sense for the Common Good," advised withdrawing the Life Center's contract from the county legislature, where the initiative is stalled. Arda Nazerian, a Suozzi aide, said the group broke a compact to respect others' views. ...

Sister Mairead Barrett, a nun on Suozzi's steering committee, said she was in working groups with Gariboldi and heard no discussion of deviance.

"I was quite surprised actually to hear what this woman said and to read it because we were all in the room together," she said. "To me it shows a lack of openness and lack of insight."

Suozzi said his coalition included "people from all ends of the spectrum who are goodhearted people." He added, "These comments are just irresponsible." 
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The evidence for Planned Parenthood's promotion of bestiality is not as substantial as it is for Gariboldi's other accusations. But it is there, and any association with bestiality should disqualify Planned Parenthood from teaching children about sex.

First, as I noted in October 2004, there are two cartoons on Planned Parenthood's sex-ed Web site, Teenwire, in which humans get a bit too attached to animals. One of them, "Jim Dandy and His Very Gay Day," even shows, or at least jokingly pretends to show, human-animal relations as a viable sexual option.

In "Jim Dandy," a cartoon space alien explains human sexuality. "Being gay is a little like being left-handed," he says. "It's not something that you choose—it's simply the way you are. And the way you are is perfectly fine, no matter which hand you write with, no matter who you're attracted to."

Not being sure of your sexuality is called "questioning," the alien intones. He then narrates a visual demonstration:

"Humans may be attracted to their own gender..."

Notice how that's the first option Teenwire offers—homosexuality as default.

The alien contines: "...or the opposite gender..."

"...or they may be attracted to both genders..."

"...or they may not be sure which gender they're attracted to. It's normal to be questioning..."

Another Teenwire cartoon, "Sexuality Transmitted Infection Petting Zoo," shows a couple copulating next to a cow:

More telling is the February 2003 "Educator's Update" on the Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Web site. Included on the resource list of books that the organization recommends to educators — "for informational use only" — is Dearest Pet: On Bestiality, by Midas Dekkers:

Dearest Pet won notoriety after noted infanticide advocate and animal-rights activist Peter Singer reviewed it in the online erotica magazine Nerve. In another online article, this one on an animal-rights site, Karen Davis, describes the book:
Dearest Pet takes us on a journey of human sexual interest in and use of nonhuman animals as documented in art, literature, court records, personal confessions, veterinary files, and popular culture through history up to the present. Dekkers forces us to look at some old things in a new way. He says, for instance, that since the God of the Christians, like Zeus of the Olympians, once descended in the form of a bird to know a woman-the story of Leda and the Swan and the story of the Virgin Mary being visited by the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove--Christianity "is founded on bestiality" (9). Of the perennial sexual abuse of farmed animals, Dekkers says that girls "have less opportunity than boys, if only because almost all animals are of their own sex: cows, ewes, sows, chickens, nanny-goats" (137), and that "Since animal abuse has been institutionalized in our society in the food industry, it cannot be difficult for sadism to find satisfaction" (147). Dekkers does not argue that human imposed sex with farmed animals per se is sadism; however, any sex with small animals such as chickens and rabbits, he says, "automatically involves sadism" (146). ...

Even while noting that the sex life of domestic animals is "completely organized by human beings" (178), raising the question of whether the consent of a domestic animal is ever possible under any circumstances, desire notwithstanding, Dekkers says that "as long as none of those involved suffers pain, no form of sex should be seen as pathological, bad or mad" (148).
I cannot think of any legitimate reason why Planned Parenthood, which received well over a quarter-billion dollars in taxpayer funding last year alone, should be recommending such a disgusting and blasphemous book "for informational purposes" or for any purposes.

Lorraine Gariboldi told the truth. Tom Suozzi is suppressing it — and hurting Long Island kids.

TAKE ACTION: Support the Life Center of Long Island, and call Suozzi at (516) 571-6000 — or e-mail him through his Web site — to tell him that he punished an innocent charity to benefit an organization that killed over 250,000 babies last year and corrupts the ones who survive.

Also, contact Sister Mairead Barrett's order and educate the sisters about what Planned Parenthood really promotes: Ursuline Provincialate, Sister Catherine Talia, O.S.U., 81-15 Utopia Pkwy. Jamaica, NY 11432. E-mail: Phone: (718) 591-0681. It may also be useful to express concerns to the bishop's office in the Diocese of Rockville Center,