Monday, July 24, 2006

Toronto Planned Parenthood Likes Its Teens 'Horny and Ready to Ride'

Planned Parenthood of Canada — now known as the less historically freighted Canadian Federation for Sexual Health — has long pushed the envelope farther than its American counterpart. So, it's no surprise that its Toronto chapter's teen sex-ed site, Spiderbytes, is more openly pedophiliac than Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Teenwire (which I detailed in the Touchstone article "The Young and the Hot-Wired").

For anyone wishing to prove that Planned Parenthood's true agenda is to sexualize children, Spiderbytes is a goldmine. There's simply too much for me to describe on my own, and works fail me when it comes to features like the Risk Rater.

I took Spiderbytes' "sexual readiness" quiz: "What to Do and When?". To see what would be the site's advice to those teens who need the most guidance in controlling their behavior, I checked off the most sex-obsessed answers to multiple-choice questions like this one:

You are surfing the net and accidentally come across a porn site. You…
a. bookmark it with the rest
b. change sites immediately
c. look if you're curious
d. call friends to joke about it
When I clicked for my quiz score, this is what came up:
Horny and Ready to Ride

Your hormones are raging and in your mind, life should be one big orgasm. So if your body is saying 'bring it on', the next step is to make sure your brain is on board. Hormones were never meant to make decisions for you, especially when the decisions could lead to an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. If you know all the info about sexual health and sexual rights, then go ahead and have fun. If you're still learning about that stuff, try to hold back once in a while and give your brain a chance to assess the situation. Being horny with some common sense can be a lot of fun. So just let your 'sexy side' meet your 'smart side' and you'll be off for a good time.
Ah, yes, that's what Margaret Sanger's disciples tell a 13-year-old to do if he or she's obsessed with having sex: "go ahead and have fun." Unless "you're still learning about that stuff" like "sexual health" and "sexual rights." And did they mention that "being horny with some common sense can be a lot of fun"?

Once there was a thing called childhood. It involved being protected by adults from being sexually used or abused, including protection from being placed in sexual situations that a child is unable to handle. It was a time when adults observed boundaries around children — boundaries that were almost universally considered essential for the children's healthy emotional and physical development.

Today, we have Planned Parenthood, which receives well over a quarter-billion in taxpayer money a year to nip childhood in the bud — by any means necessary.