Saturday, September 9, 2006

New Way to Read G.K. Chesterton This Is. Yes, hmmm.

My friend Richard J. Stuart writes in an e-mail:

When reading your Chesterton, I'm sure that one thought burns in your mind. Namely, "How would Yoda say that?" Never fear; we now have the answer thanks to this Web site:


Go with the stream, a dead thing can, but go against it, only a living thing can. Yes, hmmm.

To be fallacies, fallacies cease not because they become fashions. Yes, hmmm.

Also be sure and check Yoda's favorites, e.g. :

One who feeds a crocodile, an appeaser is, eat him last, hoping it will. Hmmmmmm.

You criticize someone before, his shoes walk a mile in. That way, when you criticize him, be a mile away, you will, and have his shoes, you will. Hmmmmmm.