Friday, November 17, 2006

Going to the chaplain and we're ... gonna get hoodwinked

By Guestblogger C.J.

Is Planned Parenthood a faith-based organization? The Dawn Patrol has reported on Planned Parenthood's efforts to get cozy with pro-abortion church groups, but examples of how the nation's leading abortion chain is positioning itself as in sync with religion are on the increase.

Planned Parenthood's New York City affiliate is showing how this is done in a most subtle way on a web page devoted to promoting birth control. In addition to a group of ethnically diverse posters that push contraception, PPNYC is offering free "planning is power" buttons that are available to hand out at your "office, organization or religious institution" (right along with votive candles and rosaries? Hmm. Don't think so).

More Planned Parenthood affiliates are now employing chaplains. Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (yes, the folks who shot pro-life demonstrators with a condom bazooka in an online cartoon) even offers an online form where one can make a confidential appointment with Chaplain Lisa, who will call teenagers at home surreptitiously to guarantee that Mom won't get suspicious.

Planned Parenthood knows an opening when it sees one. It was recently reported that even among Catholics, the bishops admit that 96% of married couples of childbearing age employ some type of birth control that runs counter to church teachings, all the while considering themselves good Catholics, no doubt.

This is what those who promote chastity are up against. All this talk of religion is designed to shore up the Planned Parenthood view that birth control and abortion are mere "choices," not the grave and intrinsic evils referred to in Catholic teaching. The bishops' statistics unfortunately suggest that Planned Parenthood has an audience that is willing to pay attention -- even among people who should be listening to a higher Authority instead of Chaplain Lisa.