Friday, December 29, 2006

Dead reckoning

A Guest Post By Kevin Walsh

[Kevin sent this to me just before the news of the execution. I thought his message remained relevant, so it appears here with permission. — Dawn]

I would have rather Saddam be kept alive so they could find out what made him be a mass murderer. Same way I oppose the death penalty in all cases. I want to get inside these guys' heads. Is it an enzyme? A bad chromosome? Mommy problems? They strung up Saddam and we'll never know what set him off. Hitler shot himself and we'll never know.

I have a question for all these killers, the Janjaweed, the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq. WHY. Why do you kill. Berkowitz is still alive. How come the psychologists haven't been testing him all along? When Arafat was alive why didn't they ask him? When Gotti was alive, why didn't they ask him?

The answers would probably be ultimately empty, and that's the most horrifying thing of all.

"Because this is what men do," they would probably say.