Saturday, December 23, 2006

I want to hold your hand over my eyes

[UPDATE, 12/28/06: Welcome, Corner readers! When you're done enjoying the video, check out the interview K-Lo did with me to promote my book, The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On.]

Every so often, a video clip comes along that reminds me just how awful Seventies pop culture was — especially what passed for "rock" television.

This is one of those clips.

It's the Beatles tribute from Rolling Stone's 10th-anniversary special. According to IMDB, the writers to blame are none other than Steve Martin ( the Steve Martin) and "Classical Gas" author Mason Williams. Williams at least should have known better.

The clip is 15 minutes long — that's 15 minutes you will never get back — and includes a strobe effect several minutes into it, just in case you haven't had a seizure by then. Performers include Richie Havens and Patti LaBelle, as well as Ted Neely of "Jesus Christ Superstar."

Enjoy the dancing strawberries ...