Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Quote of the day

"[T]he true Pottersville is right off the coast of Florida. This might be the year where Cuba is blessed with a Christmas without Fidel Castro. The dictator banned Christmas back in 1969. He didn’t let Cubans celebrate the holiday again until 1998. Many religious leaders wrongly praised Castro for this empty gesture. The problem is that the dictator only allows a religious holiday for people to pray and feast (which probably means an extra lima bean). But any good Christian prays all the time — especially in Cuba.

"Castro allowed Christmas, but he continued to ban Santa Claus. There's no giving of gifts. There are no little kids getting excited about the holiday. Castro understood a simple truth. He knew that Santa Claus is more dangerous than Jesus."

— J.R. Taylor, from "Capitalism is Wonderful" in Right Wing Trash