Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our Sunday Visitor's Kathy Shaidle gets The Thrill

"Serious Christians are forever complaining about our degraded secular popular culture, and with good reason. Unfortunately, our complaints are too often based on silly urban legends and rumors. The most we seem willing or able to do is boycott unreleased movies we wouldn't have gone to or not read books we wouldn't have read anyway.

"Actually creating our own alternative culture is just too much trouble apparently. Or if we do, we manufacture boring, earnest, corny books, movies and video games that never make it out of the Christian 'ghetto.'

"We need to be inspired by Eden and take our message to people where they are right now, not where we wish they were. Let's preach beyond the choir and talk to the great unchurched, speaking the Truth in their language."

— Kathy Shaidle, reviewing The Thrill of the Chaste in Our Sunday Visitor (online for subscribers only)