Thursday, March 15, 2007

'Why is you crying? You ain't pregnant.'

Guest post by Sarah

[Note from Dawn: Yesterday, I saw that a woman identifying herself as "Sarah" had left a comment on an old post in which I quoted a woman who claimed to have been mistreated at Planned Parenthood. Sarah wrote that she had just undergone emergency surgery after Planned Parenthood had failed to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. I e-mailed her and asked if she would like to share her story with Dawn Patrol readers. (I let her know my feelings about Planned Parenthood upfront, in case she had any reservations about her story's appearing on a pro-life blog.) She sent me the following, which appears here unedited. She did not mention which Planned Parenthood clinic she visited; if she lets me know, I will add it to her story. She will be reading this entry, so you can leave messages or prayers for her in the comments.]

My first trip to Planned Parenthood was on March 3rd. I went in there and filled out my paperwork for the abortion. As I sat there the waiting room filled up with women. It amazed me how many people would go in there and kill a life without an extremely good reason other than selfishness. They herded us back there like cows. Literally they called a bunch of names and told us to pay at the window. Then we were sent to urinate into a cup and sit in another waiting room.

One by one we were sent into a little room with a woman who "counsels" us. There is NO counseling done here. They tell you that you will be given certain medications and give us an instruction list of what not to do afterwards. They then give you an ultrasound to see how far along you are. Fortunately I was not far along enough to have an abortion at that time so they sent me on my way.

March 13th I went back this time to attempt to have a medical abortion instead of a surgical one. Once again they did the urine pregnancy test and an ultrasound and announced that I wasn't pregnant. After taking 4 home pregnancy tests and one at Planned Parenthood along with all the usual symptoms of pregnancy that I had with my daughter, I was appalled that they wouldn't look into this any further to see what was going on with me. I had seen the ultrasound screen and knew that my uterus looked pregnant even though there were no signs of a baby or a fetal sac.

Instead, they sent me to the front crying because I didn't know what step to take afterwards. The same woman that did my ultrasound who is a supposed "nurse" yelled at me "Why is you crying? You ain't pregnant." This is just an example of the excellent bedside manner of all the employees of Planned Parenthood.

Fortunately I called my OB/GYN and they told me to get up to the office asap. They conducted their own ultrasound and sent me to the hospital for an emergency D&C and a laparoscopy because of a failed tubal pregnancy. Had I not I could very well be dead right now.

Planned Parenthood is a disgrace. They call themselves a womens center but they are just a butcher of babies and they could care less about a woman's health. My friend went there about a month and a half ago for an abortion. What they failed to tell her was that they do not administer any kind of pain medication during the abortion. They expand your cervix with metal rods and then perform a D&C. This is a procedure the hospital and actual doctor feels is necessary to put people under sedation for. I actually asked Planned Parenthood a few times about the lack of pain medication and their response was "well they do fine without it". How in the world could a woman "do fine" with being scraped out with surgical cutting equipment without any pain medication? My only answer for the lack of compassion is that they are making more money from not using any type of sedation.