Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fox News' Lauren Green gets The Thrill

"There are countless books in stores about how to find your soul mate and live happy and wonderful lives. There are countless romantic films about people who have found true love in the most unlikely circumstances and conditions, but the only way to find the right person is to be the right person. You must be willing to put instant gratification on hold for the promise of a permanent and lasting connection and the only way to find true love is to share an intimacy that's beyond the flesh, and yet does not include the flesh. It means having a spiritual foundation in your relationship that does not involve the sharing of body parts but the sharing of a life-giving faith. In short it means trying to give up the chase, in favor of being thrilled by being chaste."

— Fox News religion correspondent Lauren Green, writing about The Thrill of the Chaste in her blog entry "Chastity or Not: The Pressures of Sex Influencing The Quest for Love". (Read the whole thing!)

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