Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Interim gets The Thrill

"While Eden is targeting women who are moving from unchastity to chastity, the book will also be of interest to a broader group of readers. It may even be of interest to single men who wonder why their dates seem hard-edged or who themselves feel pressured by contemporary women into illicit sexual activity. ...

"Likewise, Eden’s emphasis on hope rings true for marriage-minded singles regardless of their history. 'A woman with the courage to step out into the unknown, risking temporary loneliness for a shot at lasting joy, is more than a "single." She’s  singular. Instead of defining herself by what she lacks – a relationship with a man – she defines herself by what she has: a relationship with God.'

"Nevertheless, parents and grandparents who might consider this book as a gift for a young person need to be aware that the content assumes a certain loss of innocence in the reader, that she has already 'realized … that (she) could separate sexual sensation from love.' Eden shares more specific personal details at the beginning and especially at the end of the book than what a student might typically hear from a pro-life conference chastity speaker. While the book is not suitable for adolescents, it may be helpful to mature young adults who are resisting the secular concepts of 'hooking up' and 'friends with benefits.'"

— Theresa Smyth reviews The Thrill of the Chaste in The Interim

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