Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Yes Prayer

Inspired by my own "Subterranean Rome-Chick Blues" (no kidding), Anthony DeStefano has created a song for his Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To — "The Yes Prayer":

I can't say I like the use of the 9/11 World Trade Center image, though it's always nice to be reminded of the Ground Zero Cross. What's cool about the video to me, other than the cello (there's always room for cello) are Anthony's lyrics, which combine the ten prayers in his book. You can read them on the left-hand side of  his book's "Sneak Preview" page. Tune out the images if you have to (though many of them are genuinely heart-tugging), but listen to what's sung and there's something to inspire your own prayers.

The "Yes Prayer"'s music is written by Anthony's brother Carmine; details on recording personnel are on the Ten Prayers site.