Sunday, July 29, 2007

Feminism means never having to say you're sorry ...
for leaving your kids to die

Vanessa of the abortion-advocacy blog Feministe is a new mom, and she writes that she can now feel for parents who leave their children to die in overheated cars. (Admittedly, one should read the blog entry for context; Vanessa is loose with her language, but she emphatically doesn't advocate killing born children. At least, not if their mother chose to have them.)

Quoting an article stating some parents of car-heat fatalities were unable to afford day care, she writes, "How sad is that? If I were the employers of those parents, I would consider myself directly responsible for their children’s deaths."

For a woman who claims to believe that it is a woman's responsibility to have her baby or to kill it before birth, Vanessa is remarkably quick to place the responsibility for a child's survival upon anyone but the mother.

But then, abortion "rights" frequently end with the mother's being pressured by her employer, boyfriend, husband, or other family member, or the government, or a medical insurer. So I guess in that light it's not too far out to think that even when a born child dies, one could still play Blame the Boss.

UPDATE: Vanessa responds.