Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Aurora Roaring
A Guest Post by Henrietta G. Tavish

Pro-choice advocates frequently bemoan statistics showing that a significant percentage of American counties lack abortion providers. Planned Parenthood is now apparently resorting to fraud to get those numbers up a bit. But the good citizens of Aurora, Illinois aren't standing for it -- as this incredibly heartening footage of last week's city council meetings demonstrates. Don't miss the speeches by father of six Eric ScheidlerPastor Mark Smith, Alderman Rick Lawrence, longtime resident Elizabeth Earl and her baby-toting husband Roger, who discusses the "faith" of Planned Parenthood as expressed in its various scriptures including Teenwire. It's refreshing to see all the euphemistic whimpering about the "lack of access reproductive health services" countered with such a noneuphemistic response: "Get Outta Town!"