Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oliver's story

Good morning! Today I am off to visit Drogheda for the first time, where I will see a local priest, Father John Hogan, whose first career choice was that of opera singer. With his former compatriots in mind, he founded the Fraternity of St. Genesius. From the Fraternity's Web site:

The primary object of the Fraternity shall be the spiritual accompaniment of the men and women who dedicate their lives to working in the theatrical and cinematic arts. It seeks to respond to the call of the Church to show pastoral concern for those working in these areas and to participate in the Church’s mission recognizing the duty inherent on the baptized to preach Christ in the world.

The chief means by which the Fraternity will accomplish this aim is by the prayer and daily sacrifices of its members expressed in fraternal love in response to the command of Christ himself to love our neighbour and as a means of living and serving that unity which exists between the baptized within the Mystical Body of Christ.
For those of you who know Drogheda, be assured that I intend to see the head of St. Oliver Plunkett.