Sunday, November 4, 2007

The call from the Cathedral
Supporting Worcester bishop's stand for Catholic identity, chastity, & the culture of life

I begin my talk at Worcester's St. Paul's Cathedral last week. More video clips below.

On October 23, as reported by my employer, the Cardinal Newman Society, "Just hours before the College of the Holy Cross hosted a conference on preventing teen pregnancy that includes workshops by organizations such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL and a presentation of an award to pro-abortion Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, The Cardinal Newman Society hosted a talk by Dawn Eden at the Worcester Cathedral in front of 150 people.

"The event promoted the type of Catholic approach to the problem of teen pregnancy that Holy Cross might have chosen to remain faithful to its Catholic identity and was held in cooperation with the Worcester Diocese’s Respect Life Office and a broad coalition of Holy Cross alumni and supporters.

"Miss Eden, Director of The Cardinal Newman Society’s Love & Responsibility program and author of The Thrill of the Chaste, delivered a speech entitled 'Preventing Teen Pregnancy: The Catholic Approach.'"

It was deeply moving for me to see such a large crowd turn out (some from as far away as Cambridge, Mass., and Providence, R.I.) to show support for Diocese of Worcester Bishop Robert J. McManus, who had issued a strongly worded statement urging Holy Cross to cancel its Planned Parenthood/NARAL-affiliated conference.

You can see the beginning of my talk in the video at top — here are more highlights.

Why I was chosen to appear on "Life on the Rock":

What is chastity:

What is true freedom (hint: you'll find the answer in Chesterton's Orthodoxy):

How my firing from the New York Post led to my entrance into the Catholic Church [the end of this clip shows the audience]: