Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joy meets girl

"When I speak to people and tell them about joy and the difference between having it and not having it, they are curious about that, even if they don’t agree with me. C.S. Lewis wrote a lot about joy and longing. What we find is that our longings lead to Christ. Fulton J. Sheen wrote about how every man has in his heart a blueprint of the woman he loves and what we ultimately find when when we meet the person we love is that we love that person because they point us to the greater longing, which is for Christ."

— Me, interviewed by Sarah Mac Donald in the current issue of Ireland's The Word magazine. I am delighted at the piece and very much honored to be profiled.

There is one error in the otherwise very well-done article, in that it says I became a Catholic seven years ago; I became a Christian then but did not enter the Catholic Church until Easter Vigil 2006.

Photo by John McElroy, taken while Mac Donald interviewed me at the John Paul II Centre in Dublin last October. Many thanks to Anne-Maree Quinn for arranging the interview.