Monday, March 24, 2008

Quote of the day

"When I was a little guy, just a little while before my fourth birthday, I wrote my first words in crayon: "I love you God". I know this only because I saw the piece of paper in a scrapbook at my mother's house the last time I visited there, and the page was duly annotated in the lower corner in my mother's handwriting, noting the date and the fact that these were my first written words.

"Seeing the page brought me both a smile and tears: even then, when I was so small and simple, I knew something was there. Somewhere along the way, things became complicated and confusing for me, but, I suppose, I always had hope, deeply buried in there. I became lost in the dusky wood, but only to myself; Someone who loves me found me there and brought me out."

— Fallen Sparrow, from the final installment in his "Regio Disimilitudinis" autobiographical series, "Learning to Love." Do read the whole entry—it ends on a heartbreakingly beautiful note.