Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jackie Mason takes on Obama—and Sarah Silverman

And that's probably the mildest thing the great comedian has to say about the Illinois senator who would be President.

He also has the perfect response to the hateful piece of racist, anti-Semitic tripe that Sarah "I'm only Jewish ethnically" Silverman created for a pro-Obama Web site.

Although he calls her a "sick yenta," I suspect Mason is too much the gentleman to say what he really thinks about Silverman's beyond-cynical pitch urging young Jews to use "threats" to wring Obama votes out of their Florida grandparents.

While I am a convert to Catholicism, I was raised Jewish, and I know my ancestors stood for something—the recognition that God chose His people to be a sign of holiness to the world. To see American Jewish popular culture reduced to the stream of four-letter verbal diarrhea comprising Silverman's "humorous" Obama pitch is nauseating.

It is the vogue among ironic Jewish comics of the porn-liberal school, exemplified in the likes of Silverman, certain Gawker writers and Heeb magazine (to which many observant Jews object), to claim that, through vile and offensive "humor," they are raising the public consciousness by examining what it means to identify as a "cultural Jew." Say what they will, I don't believe Jews being herded to their death in Nazi concentration camps recited "Ani Ma'amin," Maimonides' creed of belief in the coming of the Messiah so that a dead-eyed, flat-affect atheist could brag about how cool it is to threaten Holocaust survivors.