Friday, December 12, 2008

A guest post by THE RAVING ATHEIST

Abortion Blog is a new blog by a woman who got an abortion this week. The author describes herself in the blog’s subtitle as a “proud atheist.” In this post, she recounts her interaction with pro-life street counselors outside the clinic:

As I walked passed the last protester before going through the door, I stopped, turned to her, smiled and said one of the following irreverent snarky things:

1) “You are one of god’s little accidents.”
2) “And how many children have you adopted?”
3) “Too bad Mary didn’t abort Jesus.”
4) “Oh, come on lady! Like you don’t vaccuum out the ole’ sea monkey tank every now and then!”
5) “I hope it’s twins!”
6) Opened up my copy of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and read several poignant exerpts since clearly this was the time and place to debate religious views.

The clinic escort was overjoyed, and grinning from ear to ear. The protester was clearly deeply disturbed. It was priceless, and although it is possible the right wing now has me on their kidnap and murder list, I’m glad I said something. They were there to f**k with me, and I f**ked with them. Right backatchya b***h!

After the abortion, the blogger is “[s]orry [she] didn’t take a picture of my little thinga-mahoojit, it was sort of interesting” and wishes she could have “donated it to stem cell research or something.” In addition to her own repeated comparisons of the fetus to a sea monkey, she is amused by atheist comedian George Carlin’s crack about “[h]ow come when its us, its abortion, and when it’s a chicken . . . it’s an omelet? There is somewhat less levity and blasphemy, however, in her earlier explanation of her reasons for the abortion:

What makes this hard for me is that when I was younger I had hoped that by my mid/late 20’s I would be able to have children. I sometimes literally crave to be a parent, and I wish I were in a position financially, emotionally etc where I could just have the baby and be joyful about it. I think I would be a pretty good mom. And someday I probably will be.
And someday, perhaps, she will realize that those protesters outside the clinic were not there to kidnap and murder her, and that, for all she knew, there might have been a proud atheist like her among them. And she might realize that there are many women in exactly her situation who escape their grinning escorts and receive from the protestors the financial and emotional support they need to be joyous. And then, perhaps, she will realize what is truly priceless.

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