Friday, March 27, 2009

Quote of the day

"We know how deeply disappointed truly pro-life Obama supporters must be by the radicalism of the President’s decision [to remove all limits to federal funding for human embryonic stem-cell research]. Democrats for Life (DFL), to its credit, has forcefully condemned the decision, making no secret of feeling betrayed by a president that it had gone the extra mile to work with in an effort to find “common ground.” A few days after the decision was announced, prominent Obama supporter Dr. David Gushee, a distinguished Evangelical theologian, publicly rebuked the President for “a series of disappointingly typical Democratic abortion-related moves.” We hope that you, too, will speak out against what can only be described as a moral atrocity against the weakest and most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters. On this, pro-lifers like you who supported Obama can find common ground with pro-lifers like us who found his denial of the full and equal dignity of unborn members of the human family to be disqualifying. Let us speak out with one voice against this grave and shocking injustice."

—From "An Open Letter to President Obama's Pro-Life Supporters,, by Robert P. George and other signatories, on