Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Then and now

As I study for finals at the end of my first year of graduate school in theology, it helps to remember how much my life has changed for the better.

Here is an interview I did with Israeli singer Ofra Haza in January 1992 for a Manhattan cable TV show. Although it was a pleasure to interview Haza (whose life would be cut short by illness eight years later), I can see my numbness; it makes me remember how depressed I was when I was living the life of dead-end relationships I describe in The Thrill of the Chaste.

Looking at myself in an interview I did for Air Maria last December (in a very cold chapel), I am so thankful for the healing God has worked in my life, and how He has enabled me to become so much more comfortable in my own skin.

Thanks so much to those of you reading who have supported me with prayers. Please continue to pray for me as I go into finals (now through May 14) and especially as I look for editorial work to keep me employed this summer. Let me know if you would like me to pray for you too.

MORE: See my complete Air Maria interview on the