Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saints for healing: Sebastian and Photini

Koinonia, the blog of Orthodox priest Father Gregory Jensen, today became the latest stop on my My Peace I Give You blog tour, hosting a guest post by me on St. Sebastian and St. Photini (the Samaritan Woman).

James Kushiner of Touchstone magazine responds to my post with some lovely observations:
[At] 60 as I see new light arriving from time to time, as it should if one is to grow in Christ, that light not only heals, but encourages, as it also illumines the past. The scattered fragments and threads of one’s life come together, bit by bit and strand by strand, into a whole life redeemed. We still don’t see clearly. Even some of our own choices remain a mystery to us, let alone things that happened to us. The Samaritan Woman and residents of that town all had stories to tell, but the Greatest Story Ever Told had just arrived, and even years later he would shake things up when fire from heaven fell in the pentecostal tongues of the healing Spirit of God.

Read my guest post here and Kushiner's response here

Image: Mimmo Rotella, "St. Sebastian"