Friday, July 13, 2012

Buenos días, España!

Today, after receiving an e-mail from a woman in Spain asking if My Peace I Give You was available there, I discovered that the top story on one of Spain's leading religion news sites, Religion en Libertad, is about me and my latest book.

The article is titled Sólo pudo enfrentarse a su pasado de abusos al conocer el caso de la niña beata Laura Vicuña," which I believe means something like, "She could only confront her past abuse through knowing the case of the girl Blessed Laura Vicuña." (That's Blessed Laura at right, in the only known photograph of her—click to enlarge.) It looks like the reporter based the piece on the essay I wrote for the Patheos Book Club.

I am thrilled to see My Peace I Give You get this Spanish press, and only wish I could tell the Spanish reader who wrote to me that it is available in her language. If you or someone you know is interested in publishing a translation of the book, please write to me, as I own the licensing rights and want to make it available everywhere.