Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meet Planned Parenthood's latest sex-ed spokesman:
Your friendly neighborhood child molester

American Life League reports on Planned Parenthood's latest teen Web site, TakeCareDownThere.org.

As usual, ALL errs on the side of restraint, demurring from showing the most offensive material on the site. In plain fact, TakeCareDownThere.org, which is run by Planned Parenthood's Pacific Northwest chapter Planned Parenthood Columbia Williamette, is so gratuitously exploitative of underage teenagers that it makes the national organization's Teenwire look like Abstinence Clearinghouse by comparison.

I am sorry to be in the position of recommending you view the site. It is especially not for those who practice what Christians call "custody of the eyes" (and ears). But, because TakeCareDownThere is a taxpayer-funded site that targets children, I believe it is important to have an idea of just what Planned Parenthood is promoting. The site's pro-promiscuity agenda is truly degrading to human beings in general and children in particular. It presents the pedophile's dream of an omnisexual kiddie "cuddle puddle" as though such activities were normative teen behavior.

So, if you can stomach it, shut the kids out of the room for a moment and look at the TakeCareDownThere video clips, like the ones labeled "Threesome" and "I Didn't Spew." In each one, a creepy Chester the Molester type—who looks like a younger version of "adult" film star Ron Jeremy—pops in on teenagers engaged in sex acts, to set them straight about condom use or testing for STDs. Gross, gross, gross—yet this organization enjoys the full support of Barack Obama, who, if he had his way, would allow it to teach sex ed to kindergartners, no doubt on the taxpayers' dime. By the way, guess who paid $336.7 million to PP last year so it could produce trash like TakeCareDownThere? Your and my tax dollars at work.