Thursday, July 21, 2016

Now available: my dissertation on redemptive suffering

Since I posted the text of my dissertation defense, readers have asked where they can purchase my dissertation. I am happy to announce that it is now available for purchase online. Just go to the ProQuest Dissertation Express website and search for "Goldstein, Dawn Eden" in the author field, or type in the title: "The Mystical Body and Its Loving Wounds: Redemptive Suffering in Magisterial Teaching, Pre-Papal Writings, and Popes' Teachings as Private Theologians, 1939-2015."

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Dear Jesus ... I choose to suffer this with you"

It is a joy to share the interview that Father Paddy Dunne did with me for his Highlands Radio program "Walking with God" on March 7, during my most recent tour of Ireland. The message I share is that of my latest book, Remembering God's Mercy: Redeem the Past and Free Yourself from Painful Memories, where I write of how we find healing through locating our own wounds in the wounded and risen Christ. I am grateful to Sister Susan Evangelist, who sponsored and organized my tour, for enabling me to meet Fr. Dunne and so many other wonderful people in Donegal, Derry, and beyond.

Monday, July 4, 2016

"Eden's approach differs substantially from books on 'inner healing'"

First Things online columnist William Doino, Jr. has a beautiful and thought-provoking review of my new book Remembering God's Mercy: Redeem the Past and Free Yourself from Painful Memories in which he observes:
Eden’s approach differs substantially from books on “inner healing,” because it reverses the process often recommended by the latter. Instead of starting with oneself, and trying to recall every painful trauma for God to treat, Eden begins with Christ’s sacrifice, and encourages us to unite our wounds to his, as a means of receiving his infinite mercy. She also places a high priority on the Sacraments—especially Confession and the Holy Eucharist—whose transformative qualities she describes movingly.
Read the rest at the First Things website. Remembering God's Mercy is available from Marytown, Aquinas & More, and wherever fine Catholic books are sold.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watch me teach on St. John Paul II's theology of suffering

I am delighted to share with you these videos of lectures from the final day of the John Paul II Forum's 2016 summer workshop that I taught from June 13-17 at St. Mary's Seminary, Houston, Texas: "Love Unleashed through Suffering: The Healing Message of Salvifici Doloris and Its Precedents in Catholic Tradition."

The videos marked "III" and "IV" are the final two lectures of the workshop (it was eight lectures in toto). Although "IV" is labeled as a continuation of the topic of "Suffering and the Imago Dei," it also concerns how Pope Francis develops John Paul II's theology of suffering. Video "V" is a brief Q&A session.

These lectures draw upon my doctoral dissertation "The Mystical Body and Its Loving Wounds: Redemptive Suffering in Magisterial Teaching, Pre-Papal Writings, and Popes' Teachings as Private Theologians, 1939-2015," which will soon become available through ProQuest. An overview of my dissertation may be found in the prepared text I read at my defense (click here and scroll down to read).

* * *

In addition to my teaching work, I write books on healing in Christ, such as the new Remembering God's Mercy, which I frequently donate to priests, seminarians, and religious to help them ministry to survivors of trauma or abuse. If you would like to help fund these donations, please click here to contribute via PayPal.

Friday, June 24, 2016

New video: "How Divine Mercy Heals Our Memories"

Dawn Patrol readers are telling me that they look for videos of my talks here, so it is a pleasure to add this new one on "How Divine Mercy Heals Our Memories." Recorded June 15 at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, it is based on my new book Remembering God's Mercy: Redeem the Past and Free Yourself from Painful Memories. (Once or twice in the video, I distractedly say I am reading from my previous book, My Peace I Give You, but it is in fact Remembering God's Mercy.) The event was sponsored by the John Paul II Forum.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

I discuss the question of women deacons on Fox News

What to make of the arguments for ordaining women deacons? I discuss the issue with Christopher Jolly Hale of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good on Fox News religion correspondent Lauren Green's "Spirited Debate." The segment is a reprise of the discussion that Hale and I had in the New York Times's Room for Debate.

Here is the full video:

Update, 7:15 p.m.: Thanks, ChurchPOP!

* * *

Some people, perhaps confused by my returning to using my full name, Dawn Eden Goldstein, have been asking if I am married. I have consecrated my celibacy to Jesus's Sacred Heart through Mary's Immaculate Heart, and have never been married. If you would like to know why I have returned to using my full name in honor of my family, see my interview for the Chicago Tribune and my more detailed explanation on The Dawn Patrol.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"Catholic Women Must Be Valued, Not Clericalized": I participate in NYTimes debate

Today in the New York Times website's Room for Debate, I write opposite Christopher Jolly Hale on the issue of whether women should be ordained deacons. I am grateful to the Times' editors for giving me the opportunity to share Pope Francis's concerns about clericalism, as well as his comments on the dignity of women and the value of the lay vocation, in the public square.

If you are visiting from the Times website, I invite you to read my interview for the National Catholic Register and listen to my interview on "Catholic Answers Live" to learn about my work as an author and speaker on healing of memories.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New podcast: "Where was my guardian angel?" I answer listeners' questions on suffering and healing on Catholic Answers Live

A chilly but beautiful evening on the beach in San Diego, May 11, 2016

It was a joy to answer listeners' questions in the San Diego studio of Catholic Answers Live last week as they called in to ask about spiritual healing and other topics that I discuss in my new book Remembering God's Mercy: Redeem the Past and Free Yourself from Painful Memories. The show is now available via the Catholic Answers website to download as a podcast or to hear online, and it is also available through iTunes. Many thanks to the listeners who called in with great questions on recovery from trauma and on other topics, and especially to the one who gave me the opportunity to reflect on where was his guardian angel when he was suffering. My gratitude also goes out to guest host Cy Kellett, regular host Patrick Coffin, and producer Darin DeLozier for giving me a chance to share the message of Remembering God's Mercy.

Visit my Appearances page for information on where I will be speaking during the coming month, including the weeklong workshop that I will be giving at the University of St. Thomas (Houston, TX) on St. John Paul II's theology of suffering.