Sunday, May 2, 2004

"I Don't Know, You Naughty Boy, I've Never Keppled!"

My most serendipitous recent blog discovery is Benjamin Kepple's Daily Rant, which yesterday was about "Religious Aspects to Risk." The highly entertaining entry advises a fellow blogger called The Raving Atheist against his plan of using occult means of winning the lottery. I disagree with Kepple over the idea of answered prayers' sometimes being "coincidence"; we may misread God's motives in answering them, but it's God's decision whether or not to allow them to come true. Even so, I'm getting taken in by the writer's ultra-erudite turn of phrase, which would be inexcusable in one less witty. When he's at his best, he takes the decadent tools of irony and points them back at the ironists themselves.