Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Chicken Soup With Rice

Just added to the blogroll: Kesher Talk, Judith Weisss's witty blog of Judaism, the Middle East, (usually) conservative politics, and girl stuff.

Judith writes of Condi:

I was telling someone at the Protest Warrior meeting/excuse to drink beer last week that it's a shame Condi isn't Jewish. Then it would be perfect. News Anchor #1 (with furrowed brow) to News Anchor #2: "Bill, do you think the American public is ready for the first black Jewish female single Republican President?"

...I wonder if Condi is a member of any Indian tribes...

UPDATE: Apologies for putting the wrong author's credit for the Kesher Talk blog. It's now corrected. I thought I'd corrected it immediately after the post went up, but just now discovered that my corrected version hadn't gone through.