Thursday, March 10, 2005

Left Out: Bush-Bashers 'Miss the Biggest Story'

Cinnamon Stillwell spices up today's San Francisco Chronicle with "Revenge of the Neocons," a to-the-point account of the many ways the Left is frustrated over the ways President Bush's policies are leading towards democracy and freedom in the Mideast:

[T]he dyed-in-the-wool Bush bashers and neocon haters seem determined to disregard all the heartening news and persist in their antiwar narrative. As a result, they are missing out on the biggest story of a generation: the unfolding of democracy in the Muslim world. It's little wonder, for, all along, they have maintained an oddly colonial point of view in which inhabitants of the Middle East are deemed incapable of democracy. Either that, or they hold up the specter of Islamic theocracy as written in stone.

Indeed, these days it's the Left that seems to promote realpolitik pragmatism over the apparently radical idea that people all over the world not only deserve freedom but also are capable of controlling their own destinies.