Tuesday, March 22, 2005

'Liberal Mental Gymnastics and the Schiavo Case'

Flynn Files' must-read Top 10 of liberals' pretzel logic with regard to Terri Schiavo includes these examples:

9. For liberals, there's no such thing as states' rights on abortion, juvenile executions, prayer in school, prohibiting contraceptives, and the drinking age. When it comes to starving disabled people to death, though, liberals sound like Jefferson Davis on states' rights....

3. In 1999, a Florida court decided to honor Elian Gonzalez's mother's wishes that her son stay with relatives in Florida. Liberals disagreed with the Florida court, and sent armed federal agents to send the boy back to Cuba. Now that a Florida court has issued a ruling in a family dispute more to their liking, liberals are saying that a new federal law--granting federal courts the right to overturn (or not overturn) the Schiavo decision--will "undermine over 200 years of jurisprudence."
Read the whole thing.

Thanks to Nightfly for the tip.