Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Prosecutor Weighs in on Michael Schiavo: 'I Believe He's Lying'

Prosecutor Lance Salyers makes a forceful argument that Michael Schiavo is not telling the truth.

One of Salyers's many arguments against Michael's credibility is inconsistency: "Within [Michael's] 30-minute ["Larry King Live"] interview...the most glaring inconsistency was on the issue of why Schiavo waited 8 years to begin his fight to 'carry out Terri's wish.' His stated answer - that during those 8 years, he was still clinging to hope and trying to find a cure - don't comport at all with his currently professed principle upon which he stands - that of carrying out Terri's wish, regardless of what he or anybody else thinks about it, because he promised. His current stance doesn't allow for his prior behavior (the 8-year wait), and his prior behavior doesn't jive with his current stance. Like trying to hold two positively-charged magnets together, Schiavo finds himself holding positions that seem exclusive.

Read the whole thing; it's a must.