Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sites to Behold: The Annoy Christopher Hanson Campaign

It's official: Charles G. Hill of Dustbury, with input from yours truly, has created a home page for the Annoy Christopher Hanson campaign. Hanson is the journalism professor who wrote a Baltimore Sun op-ed citing The Dawn Patrol's "glamour photos" by means of degrading blogs as irresponsible and self-serving compared with trustworthy, selfless Old Media.

If Hanson was bugged by a few photos on my site, imagine what he'd do if he saw a whole page of bloggers' glamour photos. He might pen even more op-eds about those navel-gazing Web gadflies—and make Old Media look even sillier. So, if you'd like to contribute to the Annoy Christopher Hanson campaign, check out the Web site and send in your own glamour shot for all to see. Let's show the world that the pajamahadeen know how to wear their clothes!