Friday, April 8, 2005

Planned Parenthood's Jailhouse Crock

The Arizona Republic's profile of longtime Planned Parenthood volunteer Terry Hanson shows how Margaret Sanger's eugenics agenda is still at the center of the organization's goals:

Hanson was the catalyst for starting a family planning clinic in Yuma that spawned other clinics across the Mexican border.

"Instead of being the great White emancipator, we helped the communities establish their own clinics," Hanson said.
Translation: We targeted Latinos in Arizona for race destruction, and then we showed them how to do it to themselves in Mexico—all the while pretending we were doing them a favor.
The group worked with promotores, strong women in the barrios, who watched out for other women..."We taught them about women's health, and people would see them for prophylactics and information," Hanson said.
Translation: We subverted their existing social structure, where women in authority oppose contraception, and replaced it with a new structure with diametrically opposite values.
Later the program was taken to Mexican prisons, where prisoners learned about birth control before having conjugal visits.
Translation: Planned Parenthood did its part to prevent the birth of future Latino criminals. Clearly, Margaret Sanger's bunch considers such measures far more important than helping Latino mothers with incarcerated husbands raise and educate the children they have. And people accuse conservatives of not caring about babies once they're born? Planned Parenthood doesn't care about them within or without the womb.