Friday, May 20, 2005

Black Coffee in Bed/
Breakfast at Tiffany's

The Nightfly's got a hot streak going—several days' worth of eminently readable posts on evangelism and popular culture. His latest is on his "Twilight Zone"-like experience of passing by a New Jersey town's library, hearing a singer playing acoustic guitar there who sounds just like the guy from Squeeze, and discovering...well, read it for yourself.

Having a wonderful time with Joel in Cleveland. (Don't believe everything you read.) This morning, we will visit the Wade Chapel, which was designed entirely by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Blogging will be light to nonexistent until I return home tomorrow night. Thanks very much to everyone who's posted encouragement—it means a lot to me. I'm also happy to have gotten a fine new Dawn Patrol endorsement (see left, below Terry Teachout's towhead testimonial).