Monday, May 30, 2005

Don't Stop the Carnival

For Sunday's "Blog On!", at Joel's suggestion, I'm thinking of spotlighting blog carnivals—Carnival of the Conservatives, Carnival of the Vanities, etc. If you're reading this and know which blog will, as of this coming Sunday, be hosting the most recent carnival on a particular topic, could you please let me know by posting a comment below? I'd like to point readers to the most current carnivals as of that date, which is June 5. You can also e-mail blog-carnival info to dawn -at- Thanks very much!

For a carnival of coolness, tune into 77 WABC today for its annual "Rewound," featuring vintage recordings of the station in its pop-music glory days and the return of the legendary Dan Ingram. (Hat tip: Michael Lynch, who really should update his blog.)