Thursday, June 23, 2005

Crisis Mismanagement

The latest Crisis magazine E-Letter arrived today and I junked it immediately after skimming it, for fear that if I kept it, I would lambast it on this site. Well, it's still grating on me, so I'll lambast it anyway, with the caveat that my memory may be off. (If you've got a copy of it, I'd be grateful if you'd post it in the comments section below.)

Editor Brian Saint-Paul mentioned the horrific case of the Romanian Orthodox priest and nuns who are accused of horribly torturing and crucifying a schizophrenic nun whom they believed was possessed by the devil. He noted that the recent scandals in the Roman Catholic Church had prompted some Catholics to consider converting to the Orthodox Church. And he seemed, by all appearances, to be using this Romanian horror as an gloat.

Again, my memory could be off, but I have this impression of Saint-Paul, sounding very unlike the Saint Paul, writing words to the effect of, "Har de har-har-har! You dissatified Catholics thought you were leaving the Church for something safer. Think again!"

Is it just me, or is that not necessarily the best way to encourage people to stay in the Church? (Not that it'll discourage me from starting RCIA this fall.)